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It’s been a busy few weeks and months here at Health Matters but we are committed to taking you, our clients, friends, and followers, on the journey with us. The past few weeks have involved:

  • Corporate Vo2 testing
  • Corporate metabolic testing
  • Marathon preparation
  • Launching ‘20 Weeks To A Better Marathon’
  • Launching our online Sports Nutrition Consultations
  • Working with gyms across the country – And much more!

On our travels we have the same conversations with most of our clients around their training and one thing that pops up constantly is the intensity of training sessions.

If you have been following us for a while you will have heard us say things such as ‘build your base’ and ‘run easy to run hard’.

Zone 2 or aerobic-based training essentially refers to low to moderate physical activity. This feels like a run where you can chat to your running partner, but not sing to them.

What are the benefits of Zone 2 training?

•    Improved health and longevity
•    Stimulate mitochondrial growth and function (the powerhouse of the cell)
•    Accumulate more volume, less fatigue
•    Bigger recovery rates (both within and between sessions)
•    Better utilisation of fats (uses fewer carbs while running)
•    More oxygen to working muscles
•    Improved aerobic endurance & ultimately you will be a better athlete with a proper plan

Visit us today to understand your individual Vo2 and get your number in place to train smarter, rather than harder!

Yours in Health and Fitness,
The Health Matters Team

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