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Health Matters is delighted to have an exclusive partnership with Irish Life Health to provide Metabolic and VO2 testing to Irish Life Health members.

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Irish Life Health members on selected plans can avail of a discounted VO2 fitness test with Health Matters. Some of these plans also offer a Metabolic test. Please check your table of cover.

Metabolic Testing

The standard metabolic package is a 30-minute consultation consisting of a full analysis of your unique metabolic profile and your results will be explained to you on how your body is performing.

If you would like to upgrade to a premium metabolic package, this can be simply done by paying the balance directly to Health Matters. This would entitle you to a 1-hour consultation consisting of a full analysis of your unique profile and results.

Health Matters will examine your lifestyle and habits and identify where you could improve. We will detail the best ways to boost your metabolism and examine why it slows down, look at the calorie content of food and talk to you about cooking and training methods in order to maximise your body's ability to burn calories and help you to achieve your goal, whether it is weight loss, weight gain or maintenance.

VO2 Testing

Irish Life Health offers members additional sports related benefits when they choose a sports cover Personalised Package. With these packages, members will also be entitled to a discount on VO2 fitness testing with Health Matters.

A VO2 fitness test is the single most effective way to measure your cardiovascular fitness and maximise your training. The test will also identify the best level for you to train at in order to burn the most calories. Depending on what suits you best, the test can be done on a treadmill or an exercise bike.

A VO2 fitness test consultation will last 45 minutes and will consist of a full VO2 test and an explanation of the results

For more information on both of these tests please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our information on VO2 Testing and Metabolic Testing.

In order to make a booking please contact us by phone or email with your Irish Life Health policy number and we will do the rest. It couldn't be simpler!