VO2 Row Testing

What is Vo2 Testing?

Vo2 testing will measure your ability to transport oxygen from the air and deliver it to the working muscles. It provides you with a detailed breakdown of your unique fitness profile and also gives you the information you need to reach the next level in your training.

Most professional athletes undergo regular cardiovascular testing at hospitals or universities, which is very expensive and time consuming. Our new testing technology gives both the seasoned athlete and the beginner the advantage of comprehensive testing at a fraction of the price.

VO2 Testing on a rowing machine

How is the test done?

The test will be performed on concept 2 rowing machine or any other ergometer type rowing equipment where wattage output is viewable. You will be hooked up to our machinery via a mask and also you will be wearing a heart rate monitor. The intensity will increase at 1-2 minute intervals through watts in order to raise both oxygen consumption and heart rate. The minimum the test can last is four minutes and the maximum is 20 minutes. The time on the erg is up to you, we want you to keep going until you have reached maximum effort and wattage begins to fail. Times will vary depending on fitness levels. Once you cannot go any longer we will do a 2 min recovery while you stay hooked up to the equipment. After that we will get you off the erg and go through your results.

What will I get from the test?

Everybody that does the test will receive a printout of their unique fitness profile and the information you need to take your training and performances to the next level. In the printout you will be given a Vo2 score, we will be able to identify your max heart rate, Aerobic and Anaerobic thresholds to the exact beat and watts, your 4 unique training zones, recovery times, calorie expenditure to suit all zones. We will be able to get a very detailed look at your fitness profile and how efficiently your heart and lungs are preforming, breathing patterns and ventilation. We will also track all watts and strokes throughout the test and work out your FTP and max wattage.

Where can I avail of these services?

Health Matters works out of Westpark Fitness in Tallaght which is just of the M50 at exit 11 where full use of the facilities are available. If you are outside Dublin, Health Matters can travel to you but minimum numbers will apply. Numbers will be determined by location and access to power and basic amenities will be required.

Day of testing!

In order to achieve the most accurate results you will be required to adhere to certain criteria prior to your Vo2 test:

  • NO Food, Tea, Coffee or any other stimulants to be consumed (which includes cigarettes) 2 hours prior to your test (water is fine)
  • NO exercise at all on the day. Try not to have a major workout the day before either as the body may still be recovering when we are testing and your performance may be affected.

No portable card facilities available on the day so payment will be cash.