Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, digestive and autoimmune disorders, and many other lifestyle-related conditions, are now commonplace in Ireland. Preventative approaches are vital if we are to reverse this huge burden of avoidable and costly suffering.

Finally the role of good nutrition and better lifestyle habits are now fully recognised and the demand for sound knowledge and practical guidance is growing rapidly.

Healthy food

A Nutrition and Health Coach will assist clients to achieve their goals around health, food, eating and lifestyle – and make them stick. The Coach empowers the client to adopt habits that place them on the path to a healthier future.

The power of good nutrition is endless and can be used to help clients who suffer many different things. To date we have helped people with their goals in weight control, more energy, improved immunity, better sleep and digestion, advised people on how to manage food intolerances along with many other goals.

Currently Seán holds a higher diploma in Nutrition and Health coaching which he achieved in May 2017 from the Irish Institute of Nutritional Health and is continuing his studies to become a Nutritional Therapist which will be achieved in 2019 from the IINH.

Later this year, when Seán becomes a Nutritional Therapist he will use his in-depth knowledge of nutrition along with the core components of functional medicine and person centred approach to help his clients to achieve optimal.

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