Health Matters and Corporate Care

Preventative health service aids positivity within the work force

Health Matters has carried out health screening within the corporate sector and the benefits of health screening can be felt by both employer and employee alike. Health screening is an effective way of increasing employee morale, and leads to reduced sickness and levels of absenteeism.

Corporate workers

Main Benefits:

  • Shows the company's commitment to the employee and care for their health
  • Health screening is a cost effective way to help employees improve their health
  • Screening can identify lifestyle changes which will lead to an overall improvement in good health
  • All health screening can be carried out on site during or after working hours to allow for the least disruption
  • Health screening is fully tax deductible

The various aspects of our corporate care include:

  • Vo2 testing
  • Metabolic testing
  • Nutrition and Exercise seminars
  • BMI an Blood Pressure readings
  • Weight and body fat measurements
  • A range of fitness classes

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss, in more detail, with anyone interested in bringing this programme to your company.

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